Type your favorite emoji from a drop-down picker

Integrates with programs such as rofi and dmenu to display a wide variety of emoji and allow you to copy or type them directly with the push of a button. Remembers your favorite and most often used emoji so you don't have to! Allows you to filter the emoji through simple key words as their descriptions and can also display math symbols. You can use your own emoji lists as well!


Migrate your habits between Habit Trackers

A commandline program which ingests your habits from one tracking app (currently nomie) and transforms them ready for you to import into another tracking app (currently Loop Habit Tracker).


Navigate your vim notes like a Zettelkasten

A neovim lua plugin which allows you to easily create and connect Zettel in your personal knowledge base. Allows the creation of notes with unique IDs, and the movement between your notes based on those IDs. This makes your notes stable and long-lasting - even if you change note titles, directory names or the structure of your notebook at any point, zettelkasten will still pick up the note ID and bring you where you need to be.


Easily type your passwords from a drop-down picker

Integrates with a program such as rofi, dmenu, bemenu or similar to display all your pass passwords. Works with metadata obscuring tools such as pass-coffin. Allows you to easily copy and paste, or directly type your username, password, and any additional saved field from your entries with the press of a button.


Make your journal a living to-do list

Brings together the applications and to bring your tasks closer to your journaling practice. For pre-defined journal entries, jrnlwarrior will read any tasks you have put within and automatically transfer them to taskwarrior ready to be acted on. On the other hand, if no entry for the day exists it can be pre-populated with tasks for the day from taskwarrior.