Marty Oehme


You have reached my little corner on the internet

This server is curently home to a variety of self-hosted FOSS software.
If you would also like to use any of the services listed below don't hesitate to contact me and we will get you set up.
You can reach me at the contact information provided below, or on Mastodon

Read more about the services currently hosted:


is a simple time-tracking software.

It bills itself as 'tag-based time-tracking', since any of its tracks are based around tags you create yourself. That makes it very flexible, if a bit difficult to first figure out.

It also offers really nice dashboarding possibilities, where you can go wild and create all sorts of displays out of your data.


is a beautifully simple bookmarking software.

It runs without a database, you can tag your bookmarks, keep private ones and search the full texts of all notes and links you saved.

I absolutely love this software and would heartily recommend it to anyone -- I even created scripts to quickly create, search, and open my bookmarks from the browser and my PC.


is a minimalist RSS reader.

Sleek and to the point, it provides just enough configuration possibilities to not feel restricted, but at the same time allows you to reach anything with just a couple clicks, and is blazingly fast.

It can also fetch the full content of websites in your RSS feed, and even scrape the pages for specific html elements.

I use it in conjunction with newsboat as a desktop RSS reader, and the integration works brilliantly - anything marked read is synced instantly, as are the categories and feed names.


offers a premium all-in-one experience for hosting files, an office suite, collaboration tools, even video chat.

The main use on this host, however, is file hosting and sharing, which it excels at. If you wish to host Nextcloud yourself, keep in mind that it can be somewhat memory-hungry if multiple users poll it at the same time.


read-it-later software done well.

Very similar to stuff like pocket or instapaper, just accessible on your own server.

Integrates really well with both Miniflux and Shaarli, which both allow sending articles to be saved in Wallabag.

Works really well in the browser, and with a little bit of scripting I can even read it directly from my terminal and send any article to my editor.

The only thing that could be improved are annotations, which are hard to find after having done them and there is no coherent view for seeing annotations in one place.


a private meta-search engine to find anything you wish for.

Really advanced meta-search. Can utilize so many different backends for its searches, it's staggering.

Theoretically, I could host this one publically since no one needs to sign up to use it, settings are kept in personal browser cookies.

Realistically, however, I would like to avoid doing so, since it scrapes all sorts of sites like PirateBay, Torrents, SciHub, and more - and I don't necessarily want to deal with that.


a simple markdown-enabled answer to Google Docs and similar.

Allows simultaneous collaboration on single documents and works really well out of the box.

I always wanted to integrate it more tightly into Nextcloud, but so far have not found the time, or know if it's even possible.